Journal 3 – The third day – Research about the topic ‘Eye adaptation to Darkness’

After Cindy and Sophie’s box was perfect and all ready to be experimented on, they decided to research about the basic facts of their topic, ‘Eye Adaptation to Darkness’. They thought it would be ideal for them to know most of the basic facts, since after all, they were going to make a huge poster out of it. So, during their prep time, they researched about ‘Eye Adaptation to Darkness’ adn made ntoes about the vital information that they thought was most important.

This was the topic that they used. They were quite proud of themselves for researching what their topic was about, and learned things that they didn’t even know about before. The next thing they did was to watch an educational video from youtube.

After watching this video, the two girls were able to know how the eye adjusted to the light. They felt much comfortable and confident about their topic.

Now that they knew the basic process of how our eyes adjust to darkness, they wanted more minor details. For this, they went to the Senior Library to search for books taht were related to ‘Eye Adaptation to Darkness’. As Mr. Nesbit had advised us to do, we used the library computer to search for books that were relevant to our topic. The results were :

‘The London Eye Mystery’


‘Little genius; Eyes’

‘Hevean eyes’

‘The evil eyes’

‘The glittering eyes’

‘Three blind eyes’

‘Having an eye test’

‘Eye Eye, Captin!’


‘Not much of a help’, they thought. So, they decided to look for real professional books in the third floor. And thankfully enough, although they weren’t able to find any books, they were able to find a magazine on one of the shelf that could tell us more about the eyes. This particular section of the magazine was called, “How does your eyes adapt to darkness?” We instantly knew that it was going to be big help. And the explanation was written quite easy, as it was in a magazine. By that time, they were able to know fully about how our eyes adjust to darkness. The only thing that Cindy and Sophie had to do was to start their experiment, as they were now experts in the topic of “Eye Adaptation to Darkness”. 


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