Not only Cindy and Sophie had to work on their poster, they also had to go on the website called ‘ManageBac’, which they didn’t know about, until Mr Witton first introduced it to the whole class. There were first annoyed ; producing a poster that can be displayed and creating a process journal on ManageBac were too overwhelming for them. However, as they always did, as soon as they went to the prep room and logged in their computer, they started working on their ManageBac, still complaining about how absurd this whole thing was, expecting year 7 girls do such hard project.

With the instruction sheet of ManageBac given by Mr Witton, they followed the basic steps.
1.Log on to Managebac : Fortunately, Cindy and Sophie didn’t have any log – in problems unlike a few of their friends.
2.Go to profile and click Personal project at the bottom of the page
3.Click the ‘edit Personal Project Proposal” button, in the top right corner : Cindy and Sophie struggled finding the correct button little, but soon were able to click the right one.
4.Fill out the form below : Cindy and Sophie filled in the topic of their project – Eye adaptation to darkness, main aim of the project – 5.To find out if one’s gender and age affect one’s eyes’ ability to adjust to darkness, the inquiry question of their project – Does one’s gender and age affect one’s eye’s ability to adjust to darkness?. There was one more box to be filled – specifications. They typed the basic information of the eye adaptation to darkness. After that, they selected Mr Witton as the project supervisor, and clicked the save button.
6.Click Worksheet on the right of the screen
Write To-Dos : These are what Cindy and Sophie wrote
Research what ‘eye adaption to darkness’ is for basic information. Reference : Website – , Youtube video –
7.Go to the senior library and search for books relevant to our topic : Eye adaptation in darkness. The books that we have borrowed from the library in order to research are : Light and Dark Adaption by Michael Kalloniatis and A Dark-Adapted Eye by Barbara
Make a survey to ask people whether they agree or disagree to our hypothesis – “One’s gender will not affect one’s eye’s ability to darkness but age will.”
8. Make a plan : Cindy and Sophie made a planning document on Microsoft Word. They also made a quick timeline to divide their work across their homework time, library time and any free time at the weekend. They uploaded the plan and their timeline to the project document section.
9. Click on the Process Journal button in the bottom right corner of the page : Cindy and Sophie were a little terrified because it was the first moment of starting writing the process journal.10. Adding a journal : Baring in mind that they should try and add something to the process everyday, Cindy and Sophie decided to divide their writing sections up in order to use time efficiently. Even though their diary entires do not had to be long, they wrote a lot and a lot, without hesitation. They also added some photos they’ve taken during experiment and planning charts as well. 

After they finished their ManageBac, they felt relieved, glad that the hardest work was all over. However, they still had some more to do.


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